“Hong Kong Institute of Psychology (HKIOP)” was found in 2017.


Core Values

TRUTH     Be perseverant and passionate to pursue & practice TRUTH

LOVE       Be patient and kind to LOVE myself, others & environments

HOPE       Be positive and optimistic to face challenges in HOPE

FAITH      Be present and wholehearted to move on in Faith



To be the best-known and most popular professional institute of providing a wide range of psychology-related programs, activities and services in Hong Kong.



The Hong Kong Institute of Hong Kong will endeavour:

  • To provide professional training programs and activities for the individual, small to large groups and organizations.
  • To promote qualified academic degree programs for different universities.
  • To provide professional psychotherapy and counseling services.
  • To train up volunteers to meet the needs of different people or organizations.
  • To provide training and supervision services to trained HKIOP psychotherapists.



真理        要堅毅不屈,熱切地追求和實踐真理。

愛心        要恆久忍耐和友善地愛謢自己、他人及環境。

盼望        要積極樂觀面對挑戰,並常存盼望。

信心        要有信心活在當下,全情投入不斷前進。







  • 為個人、小組、團體以及機構提供專業的培訓課程和活動。
  • 協助多所大學推廣其下多個優質的學位課程(包括學士、碩士和博士)。
  • 提供專業的心理治療、輔導與咨詢服務。
  • 按照個人或團體需要去設計和進行義工培訓服務。
  • 培訓和監督HKIOP心理治療師。


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